Here is what people are saying about S3 Guitars.


"For years I've shied away from hollow body jazz guitars because of their generic qualities. But after playing an S3 with its superb craftsmanship and unique tone.I've come full circle. Steve's instruments are made from the heart"

Tim Volpicella, S3 arch top owner


"Steve Saperstein makes exquisite guitars. The wood selection is of the highest quality. His meticulous attention to every detail makes his guitars a joy to play and to hear. I have played guitars all over the globe by some of the finest guitar builders on the planet,and steve certainly ranks with the very best. A total joy to play!"

Mimi Fox, S3 arch top owner


"I love to play the express myself, my emotions, my thoughts, my feelings through music.  Steve's guitars are exquisite examples of art and craft; were I a technical whiz, I would gladly write thousands of words talking about the balance, the angle of the headstock, the solid, yet graceful construction, and millions of other attributes.  Instead, being simply a player, I can tell you this:  An S3 guitar is wonderful to play and incredibly fun to play; posessing both a beautiful tone and great versatility.  They have a unique ingredient you will not find in any other guitar:  Steve's dedication to his craft, and his devotion to music.  Pick up an S3, and you can instantly sense that Steve knows when you get right down to it, it's all about playing."

Derek Kidd, S3 solid body owner